Emission and Compliance Testing

Assurance has the technical, individual, and regulatory expertise to reduce the risk of engine downtime with non-compliant, critical operations, while minimizing the time and cost of deploying unnecessary or inadequate instrumentation for an application that is not presently applicable to state rules.

Assurance Compliance & Emissions Testing ACES mobilizes proven engine experts that are knowledgeable on all applicable testing methodologies as well as self-powered, self-sufficient, and fully equipped FTIR testing trailers/equipment.Our operations and testing grouphas successfully completed over 550 EPA Approved FTIR Compliance Tests in the past five years.  Our testers can also assist in the diagnosis of mechanical issues related to engines, proper operation of AFR controllers, and understanding the implications of improperly installed or damaged catalysts.

Our all-inclusive compliance services program consists of planning, scheduling, coordinating, state notifications, pre-test & post-test protocols, actual testing, quality control, data validation, and finalized reports for submittal.Once we have performed the engine exhaust emission testing in the field, we submit all of the data and documentation to Prism Analytical Technologies.  They validate the data while also serving as our subject matter experts for the final part of our extensive quality analysis procedures.

Following  procedures acceptable for compliance testing to the Environmental Protection Agency  (EPA) and Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) our typical test offerings include:

  • Engine Performance or Quarterly Testing
  • Engine Compliance Testing  (106.512)
  • Engine Extended Compliance Testing (TAC 117)
  • Engine Quad JJJJ New Source Performance Standards (NSPS)
  • Engine Quad ZZZZ National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants (NESHAP)
  • Combination Quad JJJJ NSPS & Quad ZZZZ NESHAP
  • Turbine Subpart GG
  • Turbine Subpart KKKK
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